E-design is a simple, affordable alternative to traditional interior design because the service is performed virtually, cutting out the need for in-person meetings & travel. Anyone worldwide can work with us without worrying about the location. Thanks to technology and the digital age, interior design services can now be completed without a designer even having to set foot in your home. E-design is a much simpler, laid-back process with a quicker turnaround time than traditional interior design. Book your free discovery call now! Click on the button below.

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Contact us for a free no-obligation estimate. We will go over your needs and find a solution that best suits you and your situation. Every home is unique. Contact us we are here to help you!

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We do face-to-face Consultations as well as virtual Consultations, providing an in-depth analysis of the interior and exterior of the home. It takes about 1-2 hours to complete and we will provide an extensive assessment of your property with a detailed room by room written report, using our proven methods to maximize your ROI. Covid-19 has changed our way of living therefore we are offering successful virtual Home Staging consultation at a special rate. Book yours now!

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Home Staging

We bring out your home’s potential and increase the property’s value. When it comes to the sale of your property the objective is to maximize its strengths and minimize its flaws, giving it the best first impression to incite an emotional connection with potential buyers. Our job is to help minimize your stress and the amount of time your property spends on the market so that you can return to your lifestyle. Contact us we are here to help you!

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Home Styling 

Home styling is artfully rearranging and creatively utilizing your existing furnishings, artwork and accessories to transform your home into a stylish living space which reflects YOUR personal style and taste. We can also help you purchase new furniture and accessories at a special rate. Today more than ever, because of Covid-19, it is crucial to have a functional and successful space. We are now living and working from home 100% of our time. We help bring positive energy to your home by using Feng Shui techniques, we will bring light to every space and we will make every room the best well-designed, purposeful and efficient space.

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Home Office for Success

Create your home office and homeschooling space into a power of productivity! We help you gain prosperity and success using Feng Shui Techniques. Your home office/homeschooling space needs to be organized and arranged to handle your discipline, creativity and success. We provide you with a detailed consultation report on choosing your ideal location in your home, find your power position, empower all your senses and enhance your office and desk according to the Bag Map. Don’t miss out on the opportunity contact us we are here to help you!

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Furniture & Accessories 

Transform your space with quality furniture and accessories. We offer furniture and accessory rentals with our staging packages. We have some unique assessories from all over the world. Giving the wow factor to your spaces.

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Your online photos are the #1 advertising element for marketing the sale of your home. Our job is to create professional and stunning photos that will attract the maximum number of prospective buyers. Nowadays 90% of buyers start their search online and the photos are what attract buyers to come and view the property. If you’re a homeowner and spend the time preparing your house and not hiring a proper photographer your turning away potential buyers from your listings. If you’re a realtor and looking for a stager and photographer we offer photography in our packages. We give the convenience of coordinating the photoshoot right after staging when it is freshly done!If you just need photography done super we do that as well. Contact us to see what packages we can offer you, we are here to help!

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Colour Consultation  

Colour is science. We understand the science of colour. We developed a system that works for every client and create a scheme that is customized to your style. We do consult for your business as well as homes. 

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