Part 1: Home Interior Design: What is trending in 2022?

What is sizzling this year in reinventing your home? Since the pandemic, we are spending more time in our homes. We are aware of our spaces more now than ever before. Multifunctional rooms and the desire for a healthy and calming lifestyle are what we desire in 2022.

Minimalism – Organic shapes- natural materials- neutrals colours- indoor plants accentuate an overall calming ambience. You will see more curved lines, arches, silhouettes and patterns that focus on geometry which will blend into the design.

Serenity in the space – A soothing interior colour palette will diffuse anxiety and induce positivity and harmony, encouraging balance and well-being. White will be the calm backdrop for interiors with pale blue and soft green colours to provide visual comfort.

Multifunctional spaces – Since the pandemic, we require multifunctional spaces. A home office is essential, and rooms are now designed for double duty. People are now investing in more meaningful properties to meet multiple functions – work, rest, and entertainment.

Creating Harmony – Embracing natural materials, forms, patterns and textures. Using eco-friendly, reusing and upcycling materials, objects and products.

As we evolve, our homes do too! – When you spend so much time at home, you figure out what your requirements are. Some elements may not work for you anymore as they did compare to a few years ago. Having a designer will help; they can guide you in customizing solutions for you and your family’s needs.

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