Tips on organizing your decorations after the holidays

The holiday season is now officially over, and now with the daunting task of clearing and organizing our holiday decorations. I am still arranging my decor as I just got back from vacation, don’t worry your not late. Here are a few time-saving tips to keep your decorations organized and ready for the next holiday season.

Get clear storage bins:

Clear bins can help identify what is inside. Make sure you clearly label each bin as well. Purchasing the same size will help with stacking and using available vertical space.


Use empty wine boxes, egg cartons, and coffee cup holders to store away decorations.

Light Strings:

Store each light strand in a freezer bag to prevent them from becoming tangled; make sure you leave some air in the bag to protect the bulbs. For larger light strings, wrap them around a piece of cardboard and mark the cardboard with where they go in your home.

Garland and Wreaths:

Wrap your wreaths and garlands in a garment bag and use a hanger to hang them as they are; this will help keep them in good shape. (wire hangers work well, as you can bend them as needed) You can also purchase a wreath storage bag or bin from Amazon to keep your wreath in excellent condition.

Christmas Cards:

If you like to save your holiday cards, digitize them to avoid clutter and save some space.

Get Vacuum Sealed Bags:

Vacuum sealed bags are great for fabric decorations like stockings, table cloths, throw pillows, and tree skirts; they are also great for seasonal clothes.

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