3 Easy Decorating Tips

Besides adding a Christmas tree and hanging lights, here are three easy decorating tips to converting your living room for Christmas. #1 Start with a colour scheme Pick a colour scheme and repeat it throughout your decor. Remember, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Please keep it to 3 colours maximum and have some fun! Red and green are, of course, the traditional Christmas colours. Try using one of these non-traditional combinations: * All White Christmas * White + Red * White + Green * Black + White * White + Brown * Green + Brown * Green + Orange * Pink + Green #2 Add festive pillows and throw blankets. Now I don’t mean you have Santa or Rudolf on your throws but keep it with your colour scheme or add exciting textures and patterns. #3 Add candels on decorative trays. Get creative with your candles-check out your house to see what you have. Place them on a decorative tray with some ornaments or some greenery.

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