How did you decorate your pumpkin?

How did you decorate your pumpkins for Halloween this year? Let me know. Leave a comment?

Orange pumpkins have become the prominent figure and custom of Halloween. Have you tried decorating them with subtle colours like cream, white, and black? It’s a chic way to spruce up your pumpkins.

Here are some inspirational designs I have found that you can use to decorate your pumpkins this Halloween by just combining some paint.

Decoupage Pumpkins:
1. Paint the pumpkin white.
2. Then use tissue paper patterns in a mix of lively colours and geometric shapes. 
3. Paint the pumpkin with 2:1 mod podge blend and water, then apply tissue shapes onto the pumpkin so they are close but don’t overlay; this will create a stained glass effect.

Marbled Pumpkins:
* A nail polish trend for fingernails is now used on pumpkins. 
* Pour several colours of nail polish into a bucket of room temperature water, use a toothpick to whirl the colours around to create a marble effect, and then dip your pumpkin in the water mixture.

Etched Pumpkins:
*  Place your tape design in place and brush on with crafts paint; when dry, carefully remove the tape and touch up if needed.

Geometric Pumpkins:
* Use electrical tape to mark your shapes.
* Brush on the craft paints.
* When the paint is dry, lift the tape.

Paint Splattered Pumpkins: 
* Use masking tape to cover the stems. 
* Dip the pumpkin in solid paint. 
* Mix paint with water, then dip the paintbrushes and flick them on the pumpkins. Choose your desired colours.

Chinoiserie Pumpkins:
* To design these pumpkins, you need blue and white craft paint. 
* To get this design, you can paint the pumpkin solid blue or white and then add the floral details with a paintbrush of the opposite colour.

Hope you found these useful, Happy Halloween!

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